About Us

About US

Lojjart is a private company dedicated to the development of the commercialization of Mexican handicrafts through national and international sales. Our philosophy is directly related to the clear idea of ​​contributing to the generation of employment in the rural area where the producers are based. On the other hand, the effort is directed towards supporting the development of southwestern Mexico by providing services of marketing to groups of artisans of different specialties.

LOJJART aims to position itself in the world as a company that sells environmentally friendly jewelry, clothing and accessories that enhance beauty with its handmade products.









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  1. History

    The company was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, during 2017. Specialized in marketing with products for interior decoration made of stone, carved wood, glass and paint; as well as mud crafts, typical clothes, coffee, wrought iron and traditional Mexican figures.

  2. Mission

    Lead and contribute to the integral strengthening of artisanal activity through the rescue and preservation of trades, promoting competitiveness, product development, and commercialization; ensuring the sustainability of craftsmanship and the well-being of artisans.

  3. Vision

    The strengthening of the value chain of artisan activity, contributing to national development and the preservation of trades and Mexican tradition

  4. Values

    Commitment: We watch over the preservation of the national artistic heritage.
    Passion: We maintain, promote, strengthen and expand an international system of Mexican art.
    Integrity: We give strength to our traditions and their people.

Visit Our Store

De los Álamos 2247. Bosques del Contry
67130 Guadalupe, Monterrey Nuevo León.
Phone: 812 199 2361
eMail: contacto@lojjart.com